So there hasn’t been an election result this year that has been good for anybody. Feelings of despair turn to anger, and when that happens you need music to fucking smash the state to.

Here are five albums from this year you may have missed, but that you should 100% listen to while you take to the streets.

  1. NAILS – You Will Never Be One Of Us

The third album from California’s NAILS is just fucking crushing. Opening with the track You Will Never Be One Of Us, the band sends out a strong, loud fuck you to their critics and the establishment. The band attempted to cut out the fat here, and this is exactly what they did.

Mostly riffs and blast-beats, the only moment of rest comes in the build up to the 8 minute closing track They Come Crawling Back. As the track progresses, it breathes a sense of despair, like blocks of concrete being lowered onto your chest. Put on your headphones and spin kick a fascist.

2. Clipping. – Splendor & Misery


Clipping. do what most experimental groups wish they could. They blend narrative, electronics, noise, film, and rap so seamlessly that it feels at times like they transcend criticism – what they do is so perfect. The narrative on this record follows a slave named Cargo 2331 who escapes his confines while in transit. The ship he is on is a space ship. This is a noise rap album about a revolt on a slave space ship. Nothing more needs to be said, it is straightforward enough to blast through your speakers, or you can sit with headphones and listen to the nuance while you download an .rtf copy of The Anarchists Cookbook.

3. Death Grips – Bottomless Pit

This is in some ways Death Grips most straightforward release since Exmilitary. Death Grips are known for being unconventional and your edgiest friends favourite band. We all thought we had escaped ever having to go through the unconventional release cycles and edgy music videos but yet again here we are. That said, the album itself is exactly what you would expect and exactly what you want to hear from Death Grips. Play it loud while you teach yourself how to trap small rodents and purify collected rainwater.

4. White Lung – Paradise

This album may be the “softest” on the list, but if you can’t read the desperation and the loss in these lyrics you are doing something wrong. The elements on this record shouldn’t come together and work so well; the instrumentals fall somewhere between 80’s post-punk and your favourite high school pop punk band.

The difference here is that where normally you would expect the production to shine or sparkle, you find moments of feedback or sparseness that create the feeling of not only loneliness, but deep and profound loss. Listen while you run from the roving alt-right militias. They will use your shoelaces to replace the elastic now long worn on their Guy Fawkes masks.

5. The Body & Full of Hell – One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

This is the one of the most confronting records I have ever heard. Not just in its sheer brutality of sounds but how far down it takes you into yourself. The production here is impeccable; somehow each moment of chaos is presented in a way that gives it significance. By the end of the record you just want it to be over, but it is difficult to not go back to the start.

That’s the point, it’s like hitting yourself in the skull with a hammer just so it feels good when you finally stop. This is the record that plays as your limbs are ripped off to feed the oligarchs that have risen up and taken over in lieu of any societal structure. You bleed out on the floor of what was the legislative assembly.

Story image by Philippe Renaud on Flickr.