In the words of Justin Bieber – ‘baby, you should go and love yourself’. But, we all know it ain’t that simple. Self-love for some may seem as likely as meeting the Queen or bumping into Liam Hemsworth at Newcastle Uni, but like all art forms, self-love takes practice, persistence and a little bit of faith. Once you’ve mastered the ability to look at yourself with a little bit of lovin’ you’ll see success and happiness follow you on your path to Beyonce status. Let the lesson begin…

STEP ONE: Respect yo’self. 💕

If you have no respect for yourself, how do you expect others to have respect for you? People are born with constant images other than themselves to compare themselves to and this comparison never ends. So instead of focusing on other people’s qualities, start to look at your own goals, aspirations, and attributes and develop a respect for the framework that is you. PS: It can be as simple as accepting that compliment.

STEP TWO: Eliminate the negativity. 🙅

Love has never been the result of a negative situation, so self-love won’t be either. People who burden you with their negative perspective and ideas will never give you the opportunity to bring about positive introspect. Negative people and places can be hard to avoid, but spending more time around positive people, with an optimistic outlook on life will rub off on you. Ta dah! And there you have it, some self-love beginning. It’s really that simple. Look at it as if you are a rose, and how a rose will never bloom in a dark green house. You get the metaphor.

STEP THREE: Be honest. 😼

Whilst we may all think we are honest with ourselves, the truth to be told is we are often in denial. We will deny our failures, we will deny ourselves of our victories, ignore our feelings and focus on others before ourselves. The art of loving yourself stems from an acceptance of yourself, and that means accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly. No one is perfect, despite how they may appear, so being able to look at our trials and tribulations as part of life’s great adventure is important. What kind of adventure would life be if it were all sunshine and butterflies?

STEP FOUR: Have ‘me time’. 💆

It’s not vanity, it’s sanity. This becomes very important to remember, because we often have all the time in the world for others but never ourselves. The everyday grind of work, university, family & friend time may not open up lots of opportunities for alone time – but that’s where things need to change. Taking a day off of work, or telling your friends you need a day of relaxing is OK. The world will not end. You can still be Superman/Superwoman/Superyou and take off your cape every now and again.

STEP FIVE: Be patient. 🖐

The best part of this lesson is that time isn’t our enemy. In fact it can be our best friend. If you take time to do all the above without rushing it like it’s your end of year exam, then you will get the most benefit out of it. Patience is not everyone’s strong suit, but when you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life it’s best to understand that good things take time. Loving yourself and anyone in general takes time, so it’s also important to not give yourself a hard time about it – it’s the circle of life, so embrace it.