The photo above, from the Newcastle Herald article, depicts the pills in question.

There is a bad batch of pills in the Newcastle area. We have information that these “blue superman” pills contain NO MDMA, but actually Alprazolam. This is a strong sedative anxiety medication which is easy to overdose when mixed with alcohol. You can stop breathing as a result of overdose.

We feel it is our duty within NUSA’s harm minimisation policy to share this information and inform our members. As with any drug, exercise caution and be aware! If you notice that you or a friend are feeling unwell or the drug consumed is not taking it’s expected effect, seek assistance immediately or call an ambulance. Look after yourselves, look after your friends.

Link to the Herald’s article that has pictures of the pill. This batch caused 11 overdoses. >…/blue-superman-pills-cause-ma…/

Link to register for free Drug Testing Kit from NUSA (must be an enrolled student)

Release written by Felicity Handley