You might say “hang on isn’t June a little late for introductions?”. To that i will say fair does but as the title suggests is it better safe than sorry and wouldn’t we have looked foolish if we had introduced you to the wrong people. 😲

Boy, would my face have been red

On a more serious note it is actually really important to know who your elected student representatives are. To be able to know who to turn to when you need support, who to take your ideas for the campus to, and who to have a whinge about when there are no sausages left on the NUSA BBQ. With this in mind we will be keeping you updated on your student reps and what way to better introduce them than with inane questions that only superficially reveal who they are as human beings.

I asked members of council questions in the following format and below will be there answers along with a cute photo selected by yours truly. I have kept the responses as I recieved them so as to get the character of each council member better.

NUSA Position:
1. Why did you get involved with NUSA?
2. What is your favourite thing about UON?
3. Let me know your favourite album, movie, book, food, animal
4. What is the best thing to do in Newcastle?

Christy Mullen – NUSA Vice-President

Christy Mullen, 19, Business/Law, Vice-President

1.  Peer pressure / to help add to the student experience on campus. In my first year I was involved with the Women’s Collective and found out more about NUSA and thought that the student union was really important and I wanted to get involved to help make it grow.

3. Anna Karenina, apples, dogs.

4. Go to ISO dog park at sunset.






Elizabeth Murphy-May – Faculty representative for Science

Elizabeth Murphy-May, 23, Development studies, Faculty representative for Science, Acting Wom*ns Convenor

1. Meet more like minded people who were willing to advocate for student rights (and to kick the patriarchy and capitalism out)

2. The trees – needs more

3. The Wall – Pink Floyd, Catch Me If You Can, Past Mortem – Ben Elton, burritos, no fave animal

4. Glenrock







Jacob Dennis – Indigenous Students Convenor

Jacob Dennis, 23, Bachelor of Medicine, Indigenous Students Convenor

1. I am involved in NUSA to help Indigenous students voices be heard. My involvement centers around helping the University of Newcastle become a safer and more culturally appropriate place for the Indigenous students

2. My fav thing about UoN is the Wollotuka Institute where most of the Indigenous students connect with one another.
3. Fav album, 4 Your Eyez – Only J. Cole. Fav movie, the lion king. Fav book, clichè but the art of war by Sun Tzu. Fav food, chicken. Fav animal, Wombat

4. The best thing to do in Newcastle is to explore our local bush lands.



Aesha Awan – Welfare Officer

Aesha Awan, 21, Arts/Law, Welfare Officer

1. I got involved in NUSA because someone was talking about it and I thought an organisation that was run by students for students was pretty neat and I could probably help out and learn a thing or two along the way.

2. The fact that I’ve meet so many awesome people who have are now great friends

3. Fav album: ROSE by ABRA. Fav movie: Moonlight. Fav book: The Kite Runner. Fav food: Mangos and mums kheer. Fav animal: Dugongs, I think it’d be pretty neat to be a dugong because you get to swim around in warm water all day.

4. This is an unfair questions, it’s like asking a mother to pick their fav child.



Tim Buchanan – Environment Convenor

Tim Buchanan, 31, Fine Arts Hons, Environment Convener

1. I am involved in NUSA to help facilitate a broad and empowering anti-capitalist student environment movement that focuses on Direct Action and anarchist organising models. The Enviro Collective seeks to be intersectional as it is absurd to speak of ‘sustainability’ without fighting other oppressions, as they are intrinsically interlinked. Colonialism is not sustainable, patriarchal society is not sustainable, neo-liberalism is not sustainable, capitalism is not sustainable. NUSA allows me to reach out to others and understand their perspectives while being fortunate enough to be surrounded by radical and empowering people that keep me inspired.
Also, free vegemite toast is the bbbbomb.

2. NUSA & the uni being in Newie. I have a real soft spot for Newcastle’s DIY communities and these models are often echoed at the uni when students take control and start organising things for themselves.

3. Fav Album: Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven, or any chiptune Gabber/hardcore bangerzz. Fav Books: Steven Kings Dark Tower series, Donna Haraway’s The Cyborg Manifesto. Fav movies: The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki . Fav food: Rice plus anything, Hummus, Chill plus anything. Fav Animal: All dogs are friends

4. Get involved in the local DIY music, art, dance, theater communities



Luci Regan, 21, Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Education and Arts rep

1. To meet a bunch of like-minded people and help make the uni more ethical and fair place and also topple capitalism.

2. The landscape and the people. UoN is a really great place to meet buds for life, who want to topple capitalism and help fellow students as much as you do.

3. music: ‘Oshin’ by D//V and ‘Cupid Deluxe’ by Blood Orange. book: ’10:04′ by Ben Lerner. food: pink lady apples (have you seen the back of my phone?). animal: um literally all sorry don’t make me choose

4. sinkin tinnies, smokin durries. no but for real, we have neato beaches, bushland, and urban exploring; and also there’s gigs and actions and friends to make.



Eduardo Carvajal – Activities Convenor/Honorary Life Member

Eduardo Carvajal, forever young, Development and Social Change

I have been involved with the Student Association for very long years and during these years I have advocated for students’ rights and campaigned for every cultural, political and social issues affecting the wellbeing and student’s experience of local and international students.
My current role at NUSA’s Council is in the activities area so until the end of this year I will be NUSA’s Activities Convenor. From this position I can continue to make a contribution to better the wellbeing and student’s experience of local and international students.
My passion for social justices and human rights, in particular, for the rights of minority and vulnerable group, have influenced my life and therefore my activism. Last but not least, I truly like and enjoy my studies in Development and Social Change. I love animals being cats, ferrets and dogs my favourites and also love to go for a coffee in Darby Street and the Latin dance class every Monday at NUSA building.

Phoebe Turnbull – Acting Queer Convenor

Phoebe Turnbull, 19, Bachelor of Arts, Acting Queer Convenor

1. I’m passionate about developing safe spaces and connecting individuals to their community.

2. All of the trees! Also all of the rad people I’ve met along the way.

3. Album: Literally anything by Lorde, Book: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Food: Any dish that involves noodles, Animal: Dogs, they are too good for this world.

4. Swimming in the ocean! Looking at the ocean! Thinking about the ocean!






Michael Labone – NUSA President

Michael Labone, 26, Bachelor of Teaching (Humanities)(Honours), President


1. I first got involved with NUSA through discovering Free Food Friday. I would jump the train from Hamilton and come in to get some food for the weekend. Then in 2016 I saw elections were open and some friends encouraged me to run for Education Officer so I did and here we are.

2. As cliche as it is I think my fave thing about UON is the opportunities available to our students here that you just don’t get at other universities. Want to write for OPUS you got it. Want to start a club you got it. Want to organise a protest you got it. Want to eat a freakin world class meat pie you better believe you got it.

3. Favourite album: Ruins by Grouper or Pinkerton by Weezer or The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me by Brand New. Favourite movie: Magnolia directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Favourite book: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace or The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. My Favourite food is either chicken nuggets or seafood sticks from the fish and chip shop (Woy Woy 2256!). My Favourite animal is my cat Mowgli, he is also one of my favourite people.

4. The best thing about Newcastle has to be that it isn’t Sydney.