The NUSA Council elections are just around the corner. From Tuesday 3rd October, there will be elections over two weeks for executive members and the Environment Convenor. Among the candidates who nominated initially, there was a spread of tickets and independents. The two tickets who nominated this year were Newcastle Labor Students’ Stand Up! and the independent Luxury Queer Space Communism. During weeks 9 and 10 of semester, there will be voting Tuesday to Friday (3rd to 6th and 10th to 13th October).

With elections comes campaigning, which gets pretty sassy. A good question to be asking is: “are these elections actually democratic?” Since nominations, there have been whispers of lies and slander, but let’s not let that get us down. Instead, take the guide, and join us in electing the rest of your NUSA Council for 2018.

The Opus Election Guide

Your low budget election guide is brought to you by the trusty stapling printer in the NUSA building, because let’s face it – no one will care about the nominations once the elections are over, if they did at all. The election guide will display all your candidates in their words, describing their own visions for NUSA and UoN. It contains minimal sass and opinion. Created simply for you, the student body, so you make an informed and balanced decision. We know you’ll carefully read all candidate statements before voting.

The key to the voting booths is made easy thanks to the millennial invention of emojis. Just look for the little creatures on the maps and you’ll find the general location of the voting booths. They have long but specific opening hours, but you have three days to get to a booth, so tell your friends, tell your dog and have your say.

The quality of this zine has no influence on how future issues will be. They will be beautiful and polished and made with love and tears (over not knowing how to use the programs properly). The next issue will be out before the end of the academic year so keep your eyes peeled for it.


The campaigning has begun and candidates are mostly going for social media campaigning. That’s okay, save paper, save the trees, reach your audience the way they want to be reached.

The statements are officially printed and nothing can be redacted. To those looking for your ideal candidate, they are represented here, each with the goal of representing you, the student body. We hope anyway.

Elections seem almost frivolous when they are just about unseating each other out of personal despise, but that’s the nature of stupol, or democracy in general, isn’t it? Here at Opus, we sincerely hope all of the candidate statements are truthful and honest. Would it really be politics without some embellishment?

Stay tuned for more reporting during the polling and counting period.

Good luck to our remaining candidates who will be facing the polls in the coming weeks.

Check out the issue online here.