FossilFree UoN is holding a Fossil Free Forum on Thursday 7th September. It will be held in the Godfery Tanner bar from 6 – 8pm. The panel will provide students, staff and other interested parties the opportunity to hear about a fossil free future, but also understand the ties that the university and many other institutions have, which are proving difficult to break.

It is well known that the Fossil Fuel industry in Australia is very prominent and still holds power over institutions in the public and private sectors, providing funding and resources in exchange for support for fossil fuels.

This panel will discuss these issues, hosting a diverse range of speakers with interesting backgrounds in the fight to break the fossil fuel ties.

The speakers include George Woods of Lock the Gate, who is an activist and environmentalist on Awabakal Land. Woods has been involved in direct action, community outreach and much more for the last fifteen years. She is the current Lock the Gate Alliance coordinator for NSW.

Tom Griffiths, head of National Tertiary Education Union here at UoN. Griffiths completed his PhD in 1998 on A History of Secondary School Education in Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-1991. Due to the capitalist nature of the fossil fuel industry in Australia, his research interests are well reflected in contemporary campaigns, exploring the uncertainty of what lies ahead in a post-capitalist world.

Tyr Quinlivan-Scurr is a sociology and anthropology student at UoN. He has been increasingly involved in environmental and social justice activism in the local Awabakal area, and has been quite involved in clubs and societies on campus. As part of his degree, Tyr has begun researching grassroots environmental and anti-capitalist activism in the local region.

Further speakers to be announced.

The evening lends itself to be eye-opening for those less involved. The aim is to engage and attract attention and energy from students and staff who would like to be involved but are unsure where to start. The FossilFree team here at UoN are a dynamic group of young activists, with different backgrounds, education and experience, working towards a common goal.

Here is the event for Thursday evening