1. Glitterbug – The Wombats

Quick Review: A mixture of upbeat, fun & silly tunes paired with that ‘mates-from-Liverpool’ quirk.

Fave Tunes:

  • Greek Tragedy
  • Your Body is a Weapon

2. Jungle EP – Tash Sultana

Quick Review: Total euphoria. A place where the music becomes a full body experience.

Fave Tunes:

  • Jungle
  • Notion

3. Vacant Spaces – George Maple

Quick Review: Hauntingly beautiful vocals paired with a modern tech-twist. A true Frankenstein’s monster.

Fave Tunes:

4. Speeding – AllDay

Quick Review: AllDay takes rap to new places with a perfect combination of rhythm, bass and techno influences, and it’s bloody genius.

Fave Tunes:

5. Everyone We Know – Thundamentals

Quick Review: Some finely crafted music poetry that shows off the vocals of the artists whilst providing a fun, upbeat and head-bopping story. 

Fav Tunes:

I highly recommend you all to take a listen to these top 5 albums/EP’s, as they will become one of your closest companions well after Groovin’ – and will provide some solid good vibes.

In the lead up to Groovin’, we also want you to enjoy all the other amazing artists on this year’s line-up, as there are many. Check out our Spotify playlist below, share it with your friends, and let the good times begin. Happy Groovin’!

PS: Feel free to share your fav tunes from this years line-up and spread the love!