Singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions we had for her. Lisa is currently touring Europe, showcasing tracks from her latest album Warriors and will be touring Australia in June on a co-headline tour with Dustin Tebbutt. Lisa chats about the making of the album, new music on the horizon and what to expect at the upcoming tour.

Hey Lisa, how’s the UK/ Europe tour going? Any highlights?

Hey Brooke! Thanks for the interview.

The Fil Bo Riva tour in Germany is going great so far, thankyou! I am currently on the way to the third show of the tour, on the train from M√ľnster to Dresden. In a few weeks I start my own headline shows in the U.K. for the release of my new album, Warriors here! Then back to Australia for the co-headline tour with Dustin, will be great!

Your album Warriors was only just released this month in that part of the world, how has the response been?

The response to my new album, Warriors, has been great so far in the U.K. – I am looking forward to my tour there in a few weeks!

I wanted to talk about the lyrics on the title track “Warriors“, specifically this line: “Daniel Johns walked in a very straight line”. How important to you is it to have idols that inspire your music?

I wrote that song, Warriors, about a specific moment – when I first heard ‘Straight Lines’, by Silverchair, on the school bus, aged 14. Songwriters and performers continue to inspire me even now when I am on the other side of the speakers. I think now, for me, being a full time writer and performer myself, I really appreciate what a delicate balance it is to share one’s private thoughts and songs with others and still hold onto your own sense of life and direction.

You recently mentioned you’re recording something special, can you give us any other hints on what that might be?

Wow, you are very up to date! Yes you’re right, I am making a special EP with PIAS, my label in the U.K., which will come out soon as a bonus celebration of the album over here! Keep your ears peeled!

The Distant Call tour with Dustin Tebbutt was just announced, thank you for including Newcastle (we’re often forgotten about)! Have you worked with Dustin before?

I have only had the pleasure of chatting in cafes with Dustin, we’ve never collaborated musically before now. It’s been such a unique experience already; an experiment really, as there is no ‘right way’ to make a collaborative show! So we are just making it up and tailoring it as we please… Think: Dustin singing on my songs, and covering some, and vice versa! And we are sharing a band, so it’s going to be a big fun family situation..! The Newcastle show is going to be great!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I’m feeling pretty excited to start making a new album, so I think the rest of the year is going to be about dealing with that! My other passion that I’m always tapping away at is exploring ways that we can soften our impact on the environment in our everyday choices. For example, choosing natural, organic fibres in our clothes, or op-shopping. Exploring aspects of the natural world in our art-making and conversations, taking our own shopping bags and using a keep-cup for takeaway coffee, as those t/a cups are, infuriatingly, not recyclable! Even though these choices might seem like they’re hardly helping, our generations are the future leaders of this world, and so by living smarter now, we don’t know who we will influence – maybe a future politician is in your friend-group? You never know! It starts with us.

Lisa Mitchell and Dustin Tebbutt will be appearing at The Cambridge Hotel on Sunday 11th June. Tickets available here:

Listen to Warriors ahead of the tour here: Warriors by Lisa Mitchell