Photo by Sol Took This

An early Sunday evening set at The Cambridge Hotel, something that is slowly becoming more common, meant the gig was finished by 8pm. I can’t even begin to describe how strange it feels to walk out from a gig at that time, most shows start even later than this one finished. The mindless wandering crowd agreed with me about the weird feelings. Despite the puzzled looks, the crowd were satisfied with the night of acoustic sounds and perfectly pitched harmonies.

Photo by Sol Took This

Alex The Astronaut confessed that despite her title, she is not an astronaut but is a recent graduate from studying science and psychics in the USA, “I’m not qualified, they definitely wouldn’t let me into space with that”, Alex “The Astronaut” laughed. I knew more of her music than I thought I did, which is always a nice surprise. Having only released an EP To Whom It May Concern and two singles, which are both featured on the EP, I expected a shorter set than what she performed. Whether the other songs played are unreleased tracks for the future, or songs written and played in the past, I’m not sure. A humble musician, standing alone on stage with her acoustic guitar, Alex impressed the growing crowd. My favourite tracks were “Already Home”, “Rockstar City” and “Holes in the Story”, which are her most well-known songs. It won’t be long until her talent is realised by more people and you’ll be seeing her name everywhere.

Daily Wisdom from Lisa Mitchell: “don’t ever tell a woman she looks tired”. Brought on by a comment made by a taxi driver, Lisa shared this advice during their “favourite part of the set”.

I’ve wanted to see Lisa Mitchell live for years, it’s just never worked out until now. Although I already guessed, I now realise I’d been missing out having not seen her perform. The pairing together with Dustin Tebbutt worked perfectly, their music flowed through the set, which they performed together. Lisa would perform a couple of her own songs, then Dustin would do the same with his, they then took turns at singing each other’s songs and intertwining all the variations. The image on the kickdrum of a foggy pine forest, coupled with the fairy lights tangled around the microphone stands added to the cosy and intimate ambience.

Photo by Sol Took This

Dustin Tebbutt’s voice filled the room, which was filled with an annoyingly chatty crowd. I realised I needed to listen to his music more often.

Lisa Mitchell looked like she was floating on a cloud, dancing around, and smiling so much it made the people next to me in the front row smile back. The stage presence of Dustin and Lisa radiated love and warm fuzzy feelings (to the crowd, the music), which only elevated the power of what they were singing. The crowd sang along in Lisa’s “Neopolitan Dreams”, after she reassured everyone they can handle singing “da da da da da da da”.

My only wish was for the crowd to be quieter, and to be more respectful of the softer songs that need silence to be heard by everyone. Although there was a nice mix of both Lisa and Dustin, there were a few songs I would’ve loved to hear from both artists that because they were sharing the stage, and the time, weren’t played, which only means I’ll have to go along to their solo shows. Until then, their songs will be echoing around my house.