Thank god for the advent of modern technology. With a touch of your fingertips, you can order a stranger to pick you up from the pub, drones can deliver sausage sandwiches from Bunnings to your doorstep (albeit a bit illegally), and you never have to leave the house again to get some of the most delicious food in Newcastle.

We are a blessed bunch, we Novocastrians. Just beyond our sandy shores we host a plethora of diverse and frankly – freaking amazing cuisine. I was invited to dine with Menulog, ‘Australia’s largest online ordering service’, to taste test some of the most popular restaurants of Newcastle, delivered straight to their hotel – they called it their ‘Taste of the Town’. Apparently, the people of Newcastle love Thai and Italian food the most. After tasting these cuisines, it was not surprising at all.

To begin, we had an antipasto board from ShopWings Newcastle. Partnering with ShopWings, Menulog delivers groceries and alcohol, which is nice to know if you are terrified of leaving the house like me.  On a side note, the name antipasto confuses me. It sounds like anti-pasta, which is strange because it’s the first course to an Italian meal, and Italians are certainly pro-pasta. Language is weird.

Anyway, we then sampled entrées by Pattaya Thai. They had prawn dumplings that made me want to leave my boyfriend so I could be with them. Though I’m not usually a fan of duck, it was crispy and tender all at once. Pattaya Thai does their appetisers very well.

The tasting then moved onto mains by Lime Gourmet Pizza Bar. Their ‘Beaumont Speacial’ and ‘Lime Special’ pizzas were both life altering experiences – especially when you’re used to frozen pizza. However, their homemade Penne Bolognese was my favourite dish of the night. It is a perfect, simple Bolognese done to perfection. I had three servings of it, which thankfully none of my dinner companions noticed because they were also serving themselves second or third helpings.

Finally, we had dessert from Oma’s Kitchen, and discussion was had around the table about whether it was positive or slightly embarrassing to have them on the reality show Travel Guides. The consensus was mostly positive. Their apple strudel was unbelievably delicious. However, you must go now to your phone and deliver some of their shortcake for yourself. Forget every other experience you’ve had with that biscuit, and experience the sensational taste of Oma’s.

When it comes down to it, being a university student is difficult. Sometimes we get drunk and realise we haven’t had dinner yet, or other times, we are cramming late into the night and cannot stand the taste of two minute noodles for the third time that day. Delivery from Menulog can sometimes be expensive, but it is price matched with the delivery service of the shop itself. And as far as finding simple and delicious delivery available in your area, it doesn’t get much easier. Three cheers for being a lazy millennial!

You can check out what Menulog has to offer here.