An event run by the Newcastle University Students’ Association (NUSA) is understood to have been well-planned and well-organised.

The event, which took place in the recently-completed Park on the Hill, was an awareness-raising barbecue at which students could collect free condoms and an assortment of left-wing flyers, as well as sign several different petitions from the National Union of Students. Opus understands that there were vegetarian options, mustard and tomato sauce, and even onions.

“The charred onions and American mustard really gave the event a touch of class that was just missing from previous events,” an impressed student mused.

Another student praised the apparent effort that was put into organising the barbecue: “I learned about this event a few days ago, instead of having no notice whatsoever, which was nice.”

“I also liked the vegetarian option – the vegetarian patties taste just like real sand.”

A member of the NUSA Council was very proud of the collective effort when they talked to Opus, which they say has paid off in high attendance and new member sign-ups. “Usually it’s only the people who are intimately involved with NUSA who show up to these things,” the Council member admitted. “It was good to see that there were five, maybe even ten people at the barbecue who I’ve never even met.”

“I don’t even think they were in the ALP or The Greens.”

NUSA is looking forward to planning additional events that students might actually turn up to. “Next time, we’re looking at maybe taking advantage of the good attendance and doing some speeches”, the member of NUSA Council¬†beamed.

“Students really respond to being condescended to about capitalism and the coal industry, so we’ll probably just do that again.”