WAAX have had a pretty crazy 12 months – from touring around Australia with indie/rock fan faves, such as WAAVES & Dune Rats, performing at some of the biggest music festivals in Australia, to releasing their debut EP ‘Wild and Weak’, you could say these legends are well and truly making their mark in the music scene – with no plans of stopping anytime soon. In their own way of settling down, they are embarking on their biggest headline tour (‘We’re Totally Fucked’ tour) that will be going to a few selected venues across NSW, VIC & QLD. The ‘We’re Totally Fucked Tour’ is coming close to our neighbourhood this November/ December, and we got to chat to WAAX drummer, Tom Bloomfield, ahead of the big gig.

Hannah: You’re about to embark on the ‘We’re Totally Fucked Tour’ (an amazing name, I might add), how are you & the band feeling about it?

Tom: So far so good! These are our biggest headline shows yet but there are only a few dates so it’s pretty easy going for a change. And thank you, we’re pretty keen on the name.

For those that are planning on making their way to your tour, what can they expect from your show?

We’re capping off what’s been a crazy year so this is a bit of a celebration for us, there will be plenty of surprises and mostly we’re just gonna have a lot of fun. You’ll have to come along to see it all unfold, we’re very excited.

Seeing as we are speaking about your tour, I must ask, what was the inspiration behind the tour name? Is it self-explanatory or is there meaning behind the ‘madness’?

We’ve done so much touring this year, announcing another one, especially after the Dune Rats run felt kind of ridiculous, so “we’re totally fucked” is a pretty accurate statement.

You’ve toured and played along some great names in the music scene (Dune Rats, WAAVES, Hockey Dad), what is that whole experience like?

That tour was amazing, Dunies and their crew pretty much organised the entire thing to be as fun as possible and they reeeeally took care of us, genuinely lovely legends. Hockey Dad are amazing and I’ve actually been a big WAVVES fan for years so that was pretty surreal, as was playing to our biggest crowds yet. Going from a couple hundred to a couple thousand is mind blowing but Dune Rats just pull such ridiculous numbers.

Speaking of big music names, I heard that you’ll be touring alongside Fall Out Boy when they come down under next year. Like wow. What was that ‘phone call’ like? Are you big Fall Out Boy fans?

On the morning of the Dune Rats announcement our manager was basically like, “Also we just got this offer, they’re standing by to do the artwork in LA and need to know now, it goes out tomorrow” we were in the middle of a drive to Sydney and we thought he was kidding. A couple of us are big fans from our younger days, myself Included, honestly I don’t know what to expect because the shows are fucking enormous, so keen though.

Okay, lets briefly chat about your epic EP, Wild and Weak. For the rare (and unfortunate) few who haven’t listened to it, how would you describe it in five words?

I would say it’s “An Invitation to meet WAAX”.

Were there any particular muses or inspirations behind Wild and Weak, if so, would you mind sharing that with us?

Lyrically, Maz wrote about personal experiences and really explored her own mind and past. Musically it was the first time we really honed in on what we wanted to sound like and what we wanted to be, hence the five words.

Your EP, not only has been a success in Australia, but has international recognition (most recently in the UK) – how does that feel?

Has it? Haha, yeah getting the occasional comment on our socials saying “come to Mexico”, or wherever, is pretty crazy. A year ago we didn’t even have people saying “come to Sydney”. I don’t know how much success there is overseas yet, although that is 100% going to be a focus for us moving forward.

Is there somewhere in particular you would love to eventually travel to and do a live tour?

I personally can’t wait to travel the US, and South America would be awesome, maybe one day.

Is there anything super exciting that you’re looking forward to that is coming up (other than of course touring with FOB next year) or is it all secret music business?

We’re playing some pretty epic festivals, The Plot, Falls and Party in the Paddock and we’ll definitely be announcing some surprises over the next few months. Mostly we’re looking forward to getting new material out, stay tuned.

Last, but of course not least, I wanted to end on a more sentimental note and ask you what you want people to take away from your EP & tour? Is there an overall message behind your music that you want your audience to know?

Maz would of course be better suited to answer that question from a lyrical point of view, but as a band we stand for equality and creating a safe space where everyone can enjoy the music, have a sick time and not be worried about dickheads.

With that being said, make sure you check out WAAX on their ‘We’re Totally Fucked Tour’ this November/December at a venue near you! Tickets are selling fast, so grab ‘em while they’re hot. Their EP, Wild and Weak is also pretty good – so checking that out too while you’re at it.

Here’s the link for the new EP on Spotify

Here’s the Facebook Event for the WAAX gig at the Chippo with BLOODS and Underachiever.