Hey hope you’re well! Thanks for taking some time out to answer these questions. Congrats on the release of your third album, The Water. Where did the inspiration come from to experiment with a more electronic sound on this album?

I guess we’ve always been fans of electronic music and we listened to a bit of Daft Punk, Electric Guest, Phoenix Benny Sings etc whilst making the record. We weren’t trying to make an electronic album because that’s not what we would be good at, but we did try and incorporate some cool synth hooks and disco style drum beats. I think it’s still very pop sounding and remains true to our style, which was our main goal with this album, not to try and be something we’re not.

Are there any songs that didn’t make the cut for The Water?

There were a few instrumentals floating around for this album that we never ended up writing serious lyrics for. We didn’t do a lot of song writing before we got into the studio, it was all written as it was being recorded so most of what we worked on ended up being used.


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You’ve been together as a band for a little while now…If you weren’t musicians, what do you think you’d be doing?

Jordi would be surfing, Nick would be working on a farm, Josh said he would become a celebrity gardener and I would probably be back at uni studying.

This might be like asking a parent if they have a favourite child but do you have a favourite track from the new album?

I like The Water. Lyrically it’s very different to the average San Cisco song. We tried to imagine what it would be like fleeing your country in a time of turmoil, making your way across the ocean and not knowing what awaits you on the other side or if you’ll even make it.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of you guys preparing for your upcoming live shows, making set lists, what can fans expect?

We put so much time into this tour, rehearsing the songs, coming up with concepts for the set and lights, translating everything from the album into a live show basically. I think everyone can expect to have a big sing along.


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You’ve got a busy schedule filled with touring this year- how do you guys manage when playing a show almost every night and being on the road with each other?

Our Australian tour has been pretty cruisy thus far. It’s been so nice finally getting back out on the road, seeing how audiences receive the album and new songs. The response has been super positive. We do spend a lot of time together as a band but we definitely know how to give each other space when we need it, and when to come together as a band, as friends.

You’ll be back at Splendour in July after playing there in 2015. Who would be on your dream festival line-up?

Beyoncé, Dolly Parton, OutKast, David Bowie.

Thanks so much – see you in Newcastle! Ps: Scarlett, if you have time while in Newcastle, have a look at the vintage store Stoned Saint Moon, I think you’d like it! Also local brand/vintage store Chinchen St (http://instagram.com/chinchen_st)✨

Thank u!!!!

San Cisco are in Newcastle playing a sold out show at The Cambridge this Sunday.

Story image by Ebony Talijancich.