Things are bound to get ‘Awkward’ if you haven’t heard of the WA natives, San Cisco. The indie four-piece recently released their charming new tracks ‘B-Side’ and ‘SloMo’, and are set to perform at The Cambridge Hotel’s NYE Street Party here in Newcastle. Claudia had a chat with lead guitarist and vocalist, Jordi, about beloved vinyls, homemade movies turned into music videos and when we can expect the group to churn out a new album to pleasure our ears.

It’s been about a year since you guys had new music from your last record, ‘Gracetown’. Was it easy to get back into the swing of things?

This time it was a lot more natural than when we started ‘Gracetown’. I think after the first record we were just so like, run down and sick of touring and we had been on the road for so long we were just so over it. It took a while to get us back into being creative and playing music and stuff. But this time we’ve just been straight into it and it’s been a lot easier.

‘Gracetown’ in particular was a lot more sophisticated than your previous works in my opinion. Do you believe your sound is continually maturing as new music is released? 

I don’t know. I think it’s hard for me to say because I’m so involved in it. But I think the music definitely reflects where we are at in life. So I think we are slowly maturing and so is the music… slowly [laughs]. It’s not a conscious thing.

The track ‘B-Side’ came out earlier this month and the refreshing dance anthem ‘SloMo’ premiered last week, so does this mean we will be getting an album anytime soon? 

Yeah! Yep! There will be a new album early next year.

What can San Cisco fans expect from the upcoming record? 

Umm, I don’t know [laughs]. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s a little bit different again. I guess a little bit more matured, but yeah. I can’t really put it in a genre or anything. It’s the next sort of stage. We haven’t gone out and been like, ‘This is what we’re going to do.’ We are just writing music that we like the sound of and trying to keep it like… not really trying to reinvent the wheel too much, but trying to keep it ‘San Cisco’ but then a little fresher.

Both ‘SloMo’ and ‘B-Side’ (very cleverly named by the way) are going to be featured on a limited edition vinyl you’re releasing just in time for Christmas. Are you guys a big fan of vinyl? What was the reason behind releasing it in vinyl form?

Yeah, we’re big fans of vinyl. We do a bit of DJing using vinyl. I think vinyl is the new way to sell. No one buys CDs and no one really buys MP3’s anymore because they’re just going to stream it. I think the best sort of form of buying music is probably vinyl. Then getting an MP3 download with that vinyl if people are going to buy it. That’s my sort of thinking of it.

Do you have a particular record on vinyl that you absolutely adore yourself?

There are a few. I like listening to Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma’; just ‘cause those sorts of records are just for cruisy Sunday afternoons. I just put them on and let them play out. But then there are also a lot of disco bangers that are great [laughs].

Do you DJ with any of those disco bangers?

Yep! Yep [laughs]!

The video for ‘B-Side’ is quite adorable. What was the inspiration behind using holiday footage in Japan?

Well my sister came over and said, “Check out this video that I’ve made!” from her and her boyfriend’s trip to Japan. They took a handy-cam, like an old school camera and she showed Josh (guitar & vocals for San Cisco) and I, and Josh was like, “That’s sick! Could you make another one for one of our songs and just put more of you guys in it?”  And so she did. She got back in a week and put it together.

Nice homemade movies then?

Yeah! Completely homemade! She’s never done any courses or anything either. She doesn’t make movies. That was the second one she made.

In April, San Cisco was involved with the #wearedenim campaign for Glue Store, and I have to say, I feel like you guys pulled off the denim way better than Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did, so well done.

Oh, well thank you! [Laughs]

No worries! Do you find your fashion to be just as influencing as your music?

No. I don’t think so. I think Scarlett (drums & vocals for San Cisco) might [laughs]. I don’t think what I wear influences anybody! [Laughs]

I feel like you’re being a bit hard on yourself there!

[Laughs] Thanks.

You guys will be playing as apart of The Cambridge Hotel’s NYE Street Party here in Newcastle. Are you excited to finally play live again to what will most likely be an especially rowdy and crazy New Years Eve crowd?

Yeah! I’m excited! I mean, we haven’t been playing many gigs lately. We just have Southbound ahead and that one. It will be good fun, especially New Years in Newcastle. It’s going to be a bit scary I reckon. I’ll be scared of what I’ll be doing on New Years Eve. I’m scared of the activities we’ll get up to.

Do you have any tracks at the moment that would be perfect to feature on a New Years Eve playlist?

 Just like all of Kaytranada, pretty much. Just play that from start to finish, I reckon.

Considering San Cisco began by meeting in high school, having a shot at starting a band and uploading tracks to Triple J Unearthed, what advice would you give to local upcoming bands that want to get their music out there and heard?

Get it up on Triple J Unearthed and play lots of gigs. You can really tell a how good a band is that’s played a lot of gigs. People think that we just released ‘Awkward’ and came up out of nowhere, but the amount of gigs we played to no one, is a lot [laughs]. It’s a really good thing to do. It’s really good to learn with each other and how to play with other people or how to play in your band. I think that’s one of the most important things. A lot of bands will just release a song, and then they’ll go play shows, and you can just tell they’re not that good of a band in a sense that they’re not that good at playing together, but they’ve written a really good song. So I think that’s the big thing. Get your live performance and your fan base up, and then everything else will fall into place.

San Cisco will be featured as one of the nine acts performing at the Cambridge Hotel’s New Years Eve Street Party here in Newcastle on the 31st December with tickets available via The Cambridge Hotel’s website.