NUSA has began implementing its program to bring free accessible drug testing kits to UON students. NUSA recognizes that the use of illegal drugs is something occurs everyday, include by some of our students, and is committed to implementing harm reductive policies in order to protect these students.

While NUSA does not encourage drug use, it does recognise that student, like other everyday Australian’s use drugs, and is committed to reducing harm.

Drug testing kits are available to all eligible student who are currently enrolled at UON and member of NUSA.  Drug testing kits are available that test Ketamine, MDMA and Ecstasy for purity and whether there are toxic adulterates. While the kits will not be able to detect all impurities 100% of the time, they are encourage students to make an informed decision about what they choose to consume.

Quotes attributable to Aesha Awan, Welfare Officer:

“We know that people use drugs, latest national figures from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show that 15% of people have used an illicit drug in the past 12 months and almost 42% of Australian have used an illicit drug at some time in their lives. As such its important to adopt harm minimisation policies when we know a significant proportion of the population used drugs”

“The 2016 University of Newcastle Student Healthy Lifestyle Survey found that 40% of student had used drugs recreationally. We know that UON students are using drugs and it’s important to implement policies such as drug testing kits”

“Drugs in Australia are some of the most dangerous in the world due to high discrepancies in purity and high incidence of toxic adulterates. The summer festival season saw a number of hospitalisation related to drug use highlighting the need to drug testing kits.”

“Drug testing kits give students the opportunity to make an informed decision about what they are choosing the consume. At the end of the day people use drugs, and harm minimization is about recognizing this and an implementing policies that keep users safe.”