Having won Triple J’s Unearthed High Competition in 2012 with ‘My Heart is On Fire’ at 18, to going on to support Ellie Goulding on her Australian tour, to reaching hit status in the ARIA charts with ‘Dynamite’ (feat. AllDay), and to adorning many stages with glitter and gold on her Dynamite tour, ASTA has come a long way from being Hobart’s sweetheart with no intention of stopping yet. In fact, her big break is only just set to begin.


With her debut EP, ‘Shine’ about to hit the shelves on February 17, followed by a national tour to begin on the same day, it’s safe to say her 2017 is starting off with a bang.

Speaking with the Australian songstress, we were able to discuss what fans can expect from ‘Shine’, her tour, and learning the important lesson of being true to yourself and having fun no matter where you are in life.

How are you feeling about all this? To be on that list of successful Australian female artists? It’s a lot to take in. 

Yeah, I guess it’s really been quite a long build up for me, with putting out my own debut record, so it sort of feels like: ‘Yeah, I’m an actual artist now’.

It must be blowing your mind.

Yeah, it feels good. I’ve been wanting to put out music for a very long time now, and I’ve put out a few singles, but it feels really good to finally finish a body of work and I’m just so excited to show my fans.

So, what can people can expect to hear from your EP, ‘Shine’ ?

It’s really influenced by Yeo, as he produced the whole record, and it’s really just going off from ‘Dynamite’. It’s still got those funk influences, but it’s electronic as well, very similar to ‘Dynamite’ but yeah…different.

Any more killer collabs? Or will it be strictly you this time?

Yeah I actually wanted to be really selfish. [laughs]

I think I didn’t really have much time as well, cause it all came together within a couple of weeks. I really didn’t have time to reach out to anyone. In my head there were people that I did want to have on the record, but it all happened so fast and so quickly. Hopefully it will do well regardless.

What inspired you to create ‘Shine’ ? Did you have a muse/s?

I remember Yeo [producer] and Aurelia, who wrote the song with me, went out to lunch… and we were just talking about the hard life of having a job you don’t want to be in. Or like… just finding your way, and how if you’re failing you just have to keep pushing on through. Then we went back to the studio and the song just dropped from the air basically, and the lyrics came down to us.


It’s just about how sometimes you fall but we get back up, and we are never going to stop. It’s just about people that may have had a bit of a hard time. And it’s hard for everyone, not just artists. It’s kind of a really uplifting song about my experiences through the last couple of years, and figuring out what I want to do, who I want to be and you know, all these questions.

I feel like the EP expressed things that I’ve been through, and it’s taken a while because I haven’t had many things to write about. I turned 23, I haven’t experienced much heartbreak like Adele or anyone [laughs].

The main messages are to just to keep doing what you want to do. Writing like inspirational and uplifting music is something that I really hold to, that’s what I really want to do.

You’re getting back on the road soon (February 17 😉 ) – what are you most excited for about going back on tour? Are you excited?

I feel like, relieved. I haven’t toured in so long, I mean, there was the Dynamite tour but yeah, I’m just so looking forward to performing and seeing my fans and performing this new material as well.

Luke Baker PhotographyI feel like performing is the main thing for me. When I’m not performing I feel like something is missing. I’m just really excited to get back and get that feeling again. It’s like a really magical experience. I really miss it. I don’t do it enough, so I’m looking forward to it.

It’s like going on a month binge on drugs, so I’m really looking forward to that time of being on this high, and you’re away from home so you can forget all your problems and just have fun.

What can audiences expect from this tour? Some crazy dance moves, elaborate costuming, ultra beam lighting?

I really just wanted to simplify things really. But, the main thing for me is I want it to be more about the feeling of the music and the songs. That’s the most important thing to me.

But also obviously dancing… I’ve got some outfits and there will definitely be some gold and shiny things around. ✨


Any particular places/venues you are especially looking forward to play at?

Oh, all of them! There are a couple of places I haven’t performed at, like I’m really excited to go to Byron Bay, any chance to go to Byron Bay is so awesome – so I’m really excited to go there.

But, yeah everywhere! The place that always makes me happy is Melbourne, cause Melbourne is always such a good show and I feel like most of my fans are from there.

Have you ever performed at Newcastle? As a Newy representative I just had to ask how we as an audience hold up.

Yes I have! Newcastle go wild! Crazy! Yeah, the best and craziest shows have been at Newcastle, I swear. Like, I remember someone kept tripping over my microphone stand and we wanted to invite our friends’ parents over to one show, but it was actually too crazy for them to come in. I think it was the Easter Laneway Party, it was so funny.

So I’m really looking forward to a wild night in Newcastle.

Any dream location you want to one day perform at? Will we see you at Coachella one day?

Ellie Goulding, who ASTA toured with, at Coachella

Oh my god. I was about to say that. I dream of performing in like a festival like that. It’s sunny and outdoors and there are thousands of people there. That is one of my dreams.

I’m going to cut out a picture of Coachella, and I’ve actually already done this, and put it on my visual board. So hopefully I’ll get there one day.

What would you like people, your fans especially, to take away from your new EP & tour? 

I just want people to feel alive really, to feel a bit distracted for an hour or so and just feel sort of enlightened.

I want people to be who they want to be during my show as well, so they can dance how they wanna dance and yeah just enjoy themselves.

ASTA’s EP ‘Shine’ is set to be released on Feb. 17! If you want to catch this glittery gem on her ‘Shine’ tour, check out the official website for more details and grab some tickets while they’re still available!