by HANAKO 花子

Being the only child would usually result in your parents over pampering you, but that’s not my experience. I am from a typical Asian family and my mother is a so-called ‘Tiger Mom’. She is strict and only provides me with the best. I suppose that is the reason why she could not accept anything but the best from me.

I am extremely grateful for her strict teachings and guidelines, but sometimes she can be really overwhelming. I must follow her ways, well, most of the time… Up until high school, I had never said no to my mother. If she asked me to take up an extracurricular activity, I have no say in it, even if I don’t like it. This kind of became my habit and it is a bad one.

I accepted a proposal and finally have my first boyfriend. His presence is comforting to me but every time we separate, problems arise. I would ask him extra questions to reassure my doubting mind and he would get annoyed, mad, pissed off at me. This was not what I want in a relationship. However, I continued to hold on and I began to compromise with his attitude.

Ask less questions. Stop doubting me. Even if you don’t want me to go out, I will still do it. But you can’t go out when I say no to you. I am going to ignore you for several days, and if you make a big fuss out of it I am going to break up with you.

Unhealthy relationship. Unhealthy ways of communicating. Unhealthy mindset.

This poses a threat to my mental health. I had tried my best to speak my mind but it always, always ends up badly. So, I gave up. I minimised the need of voicing my thoughts and letting my voice be heard so that I could avoid troubles.

It was never a good feeling. I felt as if I had buried a part of me to make other people happy, but I am weak. And I don’t think that I can take other people shouting and getting mad at me even if it wasn’t even my fault anymore.

Hanako has submitted this piece using a pseudonym.

Story image: ‘Control’ by Aftab Uzzaman on Flickr.

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